Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day

So. Today is July 4th. A day of hot dogs, hamburgers, and inebriation. 

What are we to be grateful for? For starters, I am grateful I don't live in a socialist or communist nation, where freedom is something that only exists in the minds of the hopeful, stuck in their corner of the world where totalitarianism reigns. 

I am grateful I don't live in an Islamic society, where Sharia' law controls all, and a religion that is incompatible with Western democracy holds control.

I am grateful for a country that has been a light in a room of darkness. I am also grateful for precepts of Judeo-Christian Western civilization as a whole. Not only for America, but the concepts of individual liberty that people before me have postulated in times of collective human agony. 

John Stuart Mill, Locke, Hobbes, Hayek. I am grateful for the ideas of these men, calling for freedom in contrast to the calls of people like Sayyid Qutb, who proclaim that Western civilization should be taken over and amalgamated with the Islamic world. I am grateful for these ideas which are in contrast to the precepts of Soviet Russia, Red China, and Cuba. Grateful for these ideas in contrast to countries when you cannot speak to outside media unless monitored by a government liason or inspector. 

However, I am ungrateful for the goons within our own borders who are trying to destroy America and any semblance of its axioms. I am continually disoriented and confused by those who wish to eradicate our borders (Democrat and Republican), by those who wish to silence freedom of speech by not letting you utter terrorism and Islam in the same breath, and by those who wish to expand the size of government and consolidate it in such a way that it becomes an unstoppable monster. I am disgusted at groups like the Council on American Islamic Relations, groups like La Raza (the Race), an open borders pressure group. I am horrified at the homosexual lobby that pressures and threatens individuals and corporations into toting their line. I am saddened at the politically correct culture in which we live, and all the BULLSHIT that comes with its territory.

i am grateful for the ideas of limited government. That is what our forefathers wanted. We need to return to those ideals. We must escape the pitfalls of modern American liberal progressivism. Progressivism has had its chance. Big governments have shown themselves, over and over, to be failures. The progressive ideas of social security, medicare, and medicaid are failing. 

Big government is a bloodsucker. 

Lets return to the ideals of our founders, that man's individuality is something that is nearly sacred, and that all of our talents and hard work are necessary for a free, prosperous society. Let us run, not walk, away from the ideas of big government, government consolidation, and the welfare state. Let us run from a big government movement that does not have respect for life. Let us avoid the abortionists, the eugenicists, and their utter distaste for imperfect and/or unwanted forms of life. Let us run from those who wish to enter our homes and confiscate our weapons. Even if only to satisfy symbolism, we must keep our weapons as our founding fathers and mothers did, in vigil against government. We all think politicians are so sleazy. Why let them be able to steamroll us? Home defense weapons are our answer to the underlying totalitarian habits of government in its inherent nature.

Let us run back to classical liberalism, and forever avoid the pitfalls of modern American welfare liberalism. That is the best way to truly celebrate Independence Day..

-Conor Harrigan

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