Thursday, October 9, 2008

It Isn't Over

According to Zogby, this race is not even close to being over:

"Zogby said the race mirrors the 1980 election, when voters didn’t embrace Ronald Reagan over then-President Jimmy Carter until just days before the election.

“The Sunday before the election the dam burst,” Zogby said of the 1980 tilt. “That’s when voters determined they were comfortable with Reagan.”

Now voters are wrestling with two senators with opposite resumes - Obama, at 47, the unknown, and the established 72-year-old McCain.

Zogby said he’s still hearing from moderates and non-partisan voters - what he calls “the big middle” - who are still shopping for a candidate.

“It still can break one way or the other,” Zogby says."
This is right.  Ford-Dole caught up twenty points to Carter-Mondale in their election in the '76 election.  John McCain has a lot of time to narrow the gap.  In this wacky election that you just can't make up, thirty days is the equivalent of a political eternity.  There is plenty of time for Barack Obama to slip up, or for Barack Obama to be exposed.  

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