Sunday, June 29, 2008

Canucks for Obama

The Canadians, pretty much like everybody else in the world, have already decided that they know who's going to be our next president. At this point, it's just a matter of time before King Obama steps up for his coronation.  

As I walk to work everyday, I glance at the front cover of the local Toronto newspapers to see what they're up to. A few days ago, the cover of the Globe and Mail, one of Toronto's premier newspapers, read "Will the US be able to get past race?" 

At first glance this seems to be a reasonable question, but upon further reflection, the implicit statement and the foreseeable reaction to an Obama defeat in the fall become evident. Getting past race is to say that, all other factors considered, there is nothing standing in the way of Obama becoming the president except racism. The Globe and Mail, like the rest of the world, have already anointed their messiah, and, so without flaws is he, that the only reason that they could imagine for his defeat is if a bunch of gun-toting, American bigots show up to the polls in force. Dumbstruck by Obamania, these international observers can't fathom the idea that people would reject the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ because his ideas are inimical to the fundamental principles of the American way of life, or that his paltry resume and his long list of highly suspect associates are the reasons Americans don't want Obama. No, that can't be it!! The Americans are too dense to vote on real issues... Look at the last eight years how they've voted!

I can already hear the collective weeping on November 5, 2008 when the throne is stolen from Senator Obama. And, I have no doubt, that the rest of the world, the Canadians included, will try to comfort themselves and rationalize our resistance to 'change' by saying that Americans are racist, too blinded by their bigotry to let a black man in the White House. 

So, to my lovely Canadian hosts and the rest of the world that thinks we aren't capable of 'getting past race', I say take a cue from the messiah himself.

Yes we can!

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