Saturday, June 28, 2008

A New Face for The Patriot

Hello Patriot readers,
In an effort to reach a wider audience and to bring more news and opinions more frequently to our readers, the Stony Brook Patriot will from now on have its own blog. To be honest, I'm not sure why we didn't have one before, but better late than never. As with everything else, this blog will be a work in progress, and so as time goes on, we'll have more people writing, hopefully as frequently as possible, and certainly we'll jazz up the appearance a lot. Just like with our regular paper, comments and criticism are always welcome, in fact, they're strongly encouraged. That's how we get better, so don't be shy. And, for the truly adventurous, if you like what you read and want to be a part of The Patriot, you can contact me and the rest of the staff at

Also, if you like what you read, help us out by passing on the word to your friends and family. Share this blog and our monthly issues (also online) with them. Defending liberty, free enterprise, personal responsibility, tradition and the rule of law is no easy task in a world that is becoming increasingly hostile to these fundamental values of the American way of life. But the more people who are committed to these things, the louder and more influential our voice becomes.

Stay tuned for more...


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