Monday, August 25, 2008

"F*** Fox News!"

Since they cannot defend their beliefs with anything logical (as there is nothing logical behind it), they resort to screaming "Fuck Fox News, Fuck Fox News!"

These people are so aggressive. They are not peaceful. They are angry and filled with hatred. The peace movement is a farce.

Another fine example of "peaceful protesting." I suppose assaulting cameramen is peaceful. These people are so mentally debased.
I have experienced this sort of intimidation, with 50 or more people surrounding you, screaming in your face, and calling you "fascist!"

Isn't it ironic? We conservatives never engage in this sort of bullying. We NEVER engage in assault, or violence, or public insanity. We NEVER surround one or two people and scream at them. However, the above scenarios ALWAYS happen at "peaceful anti-war protests."

I know from experience. They surround you, a crowd of 40, 50 or more, yelling at you, shoving you, calling you names, a neo-nazi, a neo-con, a fascist, a racist, and anything else they can conjure up. They corner you, try to intimidate you, try to hurt you.

They are just lucky I didn't have a bat with me back in '06.

Who tries to silence opposition? The left.
Who tries to intimidate others with different opinions at rallies and protests? The left.
Who are the ones tossing molotov cocktails, feces, and other disgusting things at war memorials, veterans, police, and recruitment centers? The left.
Who screams at my 80 year old WW2 veteran buddy, Dominick, flipping him off and yelling "fuck you"? Leftists.
Who pushed me around, calling me a traitor, only to call the police on ME? A leftist.

You tell me who is "peaceful."

I know you hippies feel you're doing the "right thing." You couldn't be more wrong.

Posted by Conor H.

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