Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sarah Palin: A Short Analysis

Most in conservative circles are in love with her. Some are expecting McCain's downfall as a result of this choice.

I tend to think Gov. Sarah Palin is going to work out quite swimmingly for McCain.

Let us establish one simple fact here:
Sarah Palin has more executive experience than both Senator Obama and Senator Biden.

Let us also establish something else:
Sarah Palin rose to prominence because she FOUGHT corruption in her state, and primarily in her own party. Obama rose to power because he WORKED WITH the corrupt Chicago political machine. Quite a difference in character.

What is funny is how the leftist lapdogs in the media, and their owners in the Democratic party have shifted the argument to "expeeeeeerience" now. The phrase a "heartbeat away" keeps popping up all over the lefty media these days. Why?

If we are soooo concerned about sending Sarah Palin to be second in line to the presidency, why THE HELL AREN'T WE WORRIED ABOUT SOMEONE WITH LESS EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE, that is Obama, BEING FIRST IN LINE!!!!??!?!?!?!? How come that never came up? What blatant hypocrisy!

No one EVER questioned Obama's experience in the media, simply because he was so amazing everyone just KNEW he could handle anything thrown his way. Palin does not receive the same reassurance from the dirt bags on the tube and in our failing papers. All she gets is criticism for being a small town girl, having a baby with down syndrome, and being "inexperienced."

Sarah Palin has excited the conservative base. This was a crucial move on John McCain's part, as so many conservatives have been (rightfully so) suspicious of him. He now has them, and the duo must work in conjunction with each other to energize the base even more.

She is a strong candidate. Palin has an EIGHTY percent approval rating in Alaska. She is not afraid to veto spending bills everyday (300 in one year). She has fought the corruption of the GOP in Alaska, and left prominent posts in protest over it. To think that she is going to let Joe Blow Biden stomp all over her in the debates is ludicrous, and to think that she has NO KNOWLEDGE whatsoever about foreign policy is ludicrous as well. I realize Joe Biden is the supposed "foreign policy expert," but perhaps he is a foreign policy expert who was wrong on the war with Islamic terrorism, and the Cold War, as Mark Steyn so eloquently put it.

I suspect she will do wonders for John McCain. She is indeed a risk, but if the two of them play their cards correctly, they will stomp Obama/Biden like the bugs they are.

While Obama speaks of change, the new politic, and other hopeful platitudes, he simultaneously picks a candidate who has spent 35 years inside beltway Washington.

McCain chose the true outsider. The true wild card. Someone with the strength to call those in her own party out. That is something lacking these days. While the Obama campaign talks about changing the world, changing America, changing truffles or what have you, McCain has chosen the candidate that can actually bring change.

Change is fine, as long as there is substance beneath it. Obama/Biden offers nothing. A "bridge to nowhere." McCain/Palin is something substantial. Something reformist. While the McCain camp will put forth ideas about fixing social security, winning the war in Iraq, and cutting spending, the Obama camp will come out with the same..

"I am my brother's keeper" B.S. Barry, your brother in Kenya lives in a hut on a dollar a day. Are you your brother's keeper?

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