Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Wrong Road

Every year just gets worse. The further we get from September 11th, the more numb people seem to feel. I suppose this is to be expected.

However, we've been running down the wrong road for seven long years. We've come to the point where only a tiny minority put Islamic terrorism on their list of electoral priorities. We've come to a point where we cannot finish building a memorial center at Ground Zero because of a small group of multiculturalist extremists. We have become so lethargic, so lazy, so forgetful, I sometimes wonder if the only thing that will wake us up is another September 11th. The thought is totally unpalatable.

We've come to the point where we are recorded everyday. There are 500,000 CCTV's in England. Instead of focusing on the correct demographic of people, we have pointed the finger at ourselves, and our privacy is paying the price for it. This politically correct climate has had us stand accused for the last seven years, because we lack the wherewithal to blame the right people. We blame ourselves, and we fool ourselves into thinking that terrorism can simply come from anywhere.

We are wrong, and we've been running down the wrong road. The jihadists have continued paving their bloodstained road many times over across the globe. People have died at the hands of the Islamists in Iraq, Afghanistan, Britain, Spain, Turkey, Jordan, Pakistan, Egypt, Philippines, Indonesia, Russia, Sweden, Morocco, Algeria, Ethiopia, Somalia, and so many other places. We ignore this. We forget this, and simply, many of us don't care.

We must continually have in our hearts and minds the 2,974 people that were slaughtered in a most brutally way possible. The savages on that day forced our compatriots to jump from 100 stories, or suffer a fiery death. Unfortunately, the far-left, the communists, the socialists, and others have torn us apart, piece by piece, thread by thread since that day. They have divided us with their blame-America-first rhetoric. Their myths have penetrated the psyche of the American people. Their self-hatred has metastasized into widespread thought. "Our fault. Our foreign policy."

I distance myself from that ridiculous train of thought. While some of our far-left citizens prefer to blame the United States on what happened on 9/11, citing supposed foreign policy offences, I subscribe to a different point of view. This view is that America has been a generous nation, surrendering the lives of its young men and women for the freedom and emancipation of millions across the globe, from the beaches of Normandy to the sands of al-Najaf.

I subscribe to the view that in the years leading up to 9/11, we stood on hard ground defending Muslim populations in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Somalia, and the Balkans, only to be on the receiving end of four commercial jetliners and the madness that ensued. But this sort of common sense no longer penetrates the minds of so many self-effacing Americans. Thus we lose ground in our battle.

You see, this is not just a war of bombs, Kalishnakovs, and various methods of bringing death. This is a war of ideas, between the tolerance and freedom of Western Judeo-Christian society, and the pitfalls, hatred, and domination of Islamic society. There is a war of ideas. There is a stealth jihad in our country. The speech censors at the Council on American Islamic Relations continually try to silence people saying these very words. Just words. They try to silence words through lawsuits and threats, accusations of racism and intimidation.

There is a war for your mind. Stand up for your own damn country and tell the nay-sayers to cease. While the jihadists swarm around us and gird us about, we must stand firm in the face of their hatred. While they murder people around the world, we must keep the enemy in our mind. We must appreciate the basis of our own nation, and end the ridiculous self hatred that is so pervasive amongst our people.

They are adapting, and moving with liquidity. While our borders sit wide open, and while we accept collective 9/11 Amnesia, they plan. They make ready the tools of warfare. They make ready the social tidal wave that they have already brought to Europe.

We sleep, but we must wake up. All the ceremonies, the memorials, and the crying is all nothing if we don't stand up and fight. We must fight for ourselves, our children that will be born in years that come quick, and for the very existence of our very way of life. It is under assault by an enemy that is not only numerous, but more determined than we are.

We can't forget. We can't stop, because we might be safe now, but "nothing gold can stay."

We might be safe, for now.

For now, we remember, if only for a day.