Tuesday, September 16, 2008

News Wrap Up : 9/16/08

Barbara Stress-Band

Drudge is flashing that Barbara Stress-band will be holding a fundraiser for Barack Obama in Beverly Hills, with tickets going for 28 grand. Snobbery at its best, my friends.

HotAir: Ed Morrissey

Ed Morrissey over at HotAir has done some fine reporting work in regards to the credit crisis that our nation is currently facing. it turns out that five years ago, the Bush administration attempted to institute regulations in the lending industry. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac eventually accepted the push, but Democrats, and more specifically Barney Frank, infamous for his involvement with a prostitution ring (Democratic "accountability"), blocked the measure, preventing it from succeeding.

* * *

The left will blame capitalism for this debacle. Perhaps this should be a bit worrisome to free-marketeers, as some voters might be persuaded by such stupidity and madness into voting Obama in November.

In other news, the left is going after Sarah Palin for having a tanning bed installed at the governor's mansion in Alaska. However, as usual, the devil is in the details. Sarah Palin paid for that bed out of her own pocket. The stench of desperation is reeking from the leftists in the media, academia, and the Obama campaign. However, the McCain camp must not even acknowledge these attacks, and continue forward with a comparative message, contrasting the records of the McCain/Palin ticket and the Obama/Biden ticket. Their records speak for themselves.

* * *

According to Rasmussen, a trusted and reliable polling institution, Barack Obama is experiencing a shrinking lead in eastern seaboard states such as New Jersey and New York. As a New York-based publication, the Stony Brook Patriot is quite befuddled as to how in the world Obama could be losing his lead in some of the true-blue states of the electoral battlefield. What a turn of events! This is great news for McCain, as Obama will now have to focus more campaigning in those states as they fall into the fold of risk. This extra campaigning, along with the tactical mistake of accepting private funds, might prove to be quite a hindrance for Obama come October. The Obama campaign must work extra hard to earn funds and campaign cash, while the McCain camp is happy as a clam with their public funding, and not having to work for it.

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