Monday, September 15, 2008

Two SEALs Die on 9/11/2008


""Seven years ago this week, terrorists attacked our nation. SOCS Marcum and SOC Freiwald willing placed themselves in harms way to prosecute our enemies to the farthest corners of the earth," said Rear Admiral Ed Winters, Commander, Naval Special Warfare Command. "We owe them and their families an eternal debt of gratitude for the sacrifices they have made. Their unwavering courage and commitment to protecting our nation will never be forgotten."

There is nothing more to add. We at the Stony Brook Patriot are in eternal gratitude for the actions of these two men. We are debtors to their sacrifices, and will be unable to live up to the sort of honor, courage, and self-sacrificing commitment that these two warriors lived by.

Rest in Peace, SOCS Marcum and SOC Freiwald. We hope you are resting in the sun somewhere out there.

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